Business Information Applications for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses
Affordable, Automated Solutions to Manage Your Business Information
  • Specialized Inventory Tracking and Control
  • Client-Oriented Time Tracking and Invoicing Systems
  • Customer Information Management
  • Personnel and Human Resources Management
  • Parts Catalogs
  • Desktop and Mobile Apps
  • The Solution to Your Problem
If You Are:
  • Spending too much of your time on repetitive tasks and procedures
  • Spending too much time looking for information on scribbled notes and scraps of paper
  • Losing business and money because you can't quickly find information
  • Frustrated in your efforts to find a commercial program but haven't found one
You can stop wasting time and losing money by investing in a custom-built, automated solution created for you.
My preferred clients are small and medium-sized businesses, so I structure my business policies and fees to satisfy the needs of those businesses — I am available to you outside of normal business hours when there aren't other demands on your time and I keep my fees low so that the systems I create for you fit your budget and yield quicker returns on your investment.
Contact me so we can discuss your needs and the problems you are having and learn how a small investment can satisfy those needs, solve your problems, and save you money.